March 2, 2021

Aussies Likely Stick With Naval Group's Conventional Sub

Along the lines I suspected when I wrote Unlikely Australia Wants to End French Submarine Deal  on January 21, 2021: 

Brisbane Times article, by Anthony Galloway, of March 2, 2021, is entitled:

"French submarines all but locked in after negotiation breakthrough"

If, as it probable, the Brisbane Times, article is correct.

Australia will long'n likely stick with Naval Group, out to 2075. This is even though the Australian Government puts on a hard bargaining act from time to time to help legitimise the excess prices (down payments for nuclear?) we're paying.

And a bitter casualty! Its now way too early to be talking Aussie SSNs.

After the first series of 4 Naval Group (Attack class conventional) subs commissioned in the early-mid 2030s, 

maybe the second series of 4 (in the late 2030s) or third series of 4 (early 2040s) will be Barracuda SSNs 

(with better (17 year L-MEU K20(?)) reactors). 


Lee McCurtayne said...

Going on the naval procurement of the past, I take it we will “Again” wait till the delivery of four conventional Attack Class subs, then take another eye watering period to accomodate a nuclear variant of the Shortfin Barracuda “. Can “Procurement” at least produce designs for a nuclear “Barracuda” in the same build time. Why is everything glacially paced in our sub building capacity.

Petra for Pete's SMI Network said...

Hi Lee McCurtayne [at Mar 3, 2021, 9:48:00 AM]

Yes 4 conventional Attack Class subs on average every 18 months up to 2037. I might be "gone" by 2037.

China threat assessments, French willingness, Aus public willingness + other considerations will influence if we get French "BarSuf" SSNs years after that.

Hopefully the existing French SSN design won't need changing/fiddling with by the RAN - as that may double the price.