July 22, 2016

Intelligence on a Russian SOSUS System

The following are slides describing Russian research company, Morinformsystem-Agat's 

   The MGK-608E Passive Stationary Sonar System in a satellite, strike fighter and surface ship surveillance     network (above).

   The MGK-608E Passive Stationary Sonar System used for Harbour Protection.

The MGK-608E Passive Stationary Sonar System used for anti-submarine detection with the potential for destruction.

In researching evidence of Chinese or Russian SeaWeb systems I thought I'd have to rely on obscure, fragmentary mentions. Instead the Russian SOSUS (fixed passive sonar) system is comprehensively described in slides (above) and description (below).

Instead a Russian arms research and sales company (with online sales brochures in English and other languages) is selling SOSUS systems to foreign customers - which could easily include the Chinese Navy (PLA-N).

That Russian company is the Morinformsystem-Agat Joint Stock Company (JSC). Morinformsystem-Agat has been developing electronics systems for submarines and naval ships for over sixty years. More see http://concern-agat.ru/en/about-us and http://concern-agat.ru/en/about-us/enterprises/morinsis-agat-kip

Here is a Morinformsystem-Agat sales brochure that I retrieved on July 22, 2016]  

MGK-608E Passive Stationary Sonar System

MGK-608E Passive Stationary Sonar System is a group of linear phased arrays of hydrophones mounted on the sea floor at a distance from dozens to several hundreds of kilometers from the coastline.

The signals received by the hydrophones are additive combination of signal-independent noise interference of distributed long-range vessel and local source noises that are located within the system detection range. Having been filtered and amplified the signals are transformed into digital form and are transmitted to the coastal post via the fiber-optic cable channel.

MGK-608E Passive Stationary Sonar System is designed for sea surveillance in the predetermined area of responsibility. The system performs the following tasks:

-          detection of underwater and surface objects using their hydroacoustic field parameters;
-          hydroacoustic monitoring of detected underwater and surface objects, as well as determination of their heading, speed and behaviour;
-          computer-aided object classification according to object noise emission;
-          record and archiving of detected object data;
-          computer-aided diagnostics of the technical state of MGK-608E Passive Stationary Sonar System at startup, and performance monitoring during system operation;
-          automated output of data on detected objects.

MGK-608E system includes:

1. Underwater equipment:„
·            long hydroacoustic antenna groups;
·            signal collection and analogue-to-digital conversion equipment;
·            digital cable data links;
·            mounting kit;
·            single SPTA set.

2. Coastal-based equipment:„
·            computing system with display devices;
·            power supply system;
·            single SPTA set;
·            mounting kit;
·            user manual.

Main specifications

Number of hydroacoustic antennas in the system
up to 60

Antenna offshore distance

200 km
Deployment depth

up to 1000 m
Underwater object classification probability

Object positioning inaccuracy

1.5–2 km
Underwater object velocity determination inaccuracy

Underwater object heading determination inaccuracy
6 deg
Maintenance crew           

2 persons/shift
Service life
10 years

Special features

Efficient detection and output of hydroacoustic data to the operator.

Maximum antenna offshore distance – up to 200 km.

It is interesting Russia is marketing the system so openly.

I'm unaware of a Western SOSUS system being offered like this.


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Peter Coates said...

Andrew Davies for ASPI Strategist has written a fine article "Want to hunt a submarine? Ping loudly and carry a small torpedo" of July 18, 2017, on changing sonar realities.

This is at https://www.aspistrategist.org.au/want-hunt-submarine-ping-loudly-carry-small-torpedo/