July 14, 2016

Trend Identified in Australian Election and Shipbuilding

Senator Eric Abetz (from the conservative wing of the Australian Government) is not a happy bunny over the Government's near electoral loss on July 2, 2016 (Photo courtesy Andrew Meares via SMH

In the Australian Election and Shipbuilding report that I sent out to donors last night recipients would have noted February 2016 is supposed to be February 2017.

The relevant paragraph is:

"In contrast Abbott (now demoted to ordinary MP) can point to his own win by a landslide, in the 2013 Election. Abbott is also an expert in undermining opponents in his own party. It is possible that leadership tensions will overcome Turnbull. I’ll take a punt that Turnbull may be voted out by his colleagues in the Liberal Party Room by February 2017. Turnbull’s replacement?..." 

An article from Australia’s ABC out today (July 14, 2016) underlines tensions between Government centrists and conservatives that I was referring to. The ABC article reports:

“Conservative former minister Eric Abetz has unloaded on the way his Government's leadership team handled the federal election campaign, saying the Liberal Party fell over the line and failed to heed community concern about superannuation [contributor pension fund] policy….Tasmanian Senator [Abetz] said the election win had been the "barest of victories" and it was time the party listened to backbenchers who had been out doorknocking and hearing directly from voters.”


Abetz seems another possible replacement for Prime Minister Turnbull or at least Abetz may regain a Minister level position in the Government. As I described in Australian Election and Shipbuilding this centrist versus conservative infighting is likely to impact on defence minister and shipbuilding issues over the next 12 months.

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