July 26, 2016

New Defence Industry Minister, Pyne, has Percentage Troubles

Kathryn Diss. Australia’s ABC News online, July 26, 2016, reports,  http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-07-26/christopher-pyne-refuses-to-break-down-wa-shipbuilding-share/7662582 :

"Christopher Pyne refuses to 'break down' WA's shipbuilding share"

"The head of the new Defence Industry portfolio Christopher Pyne has visited Western Australia to promote the state's role in constructing a new fleet of defence vessels, but has repeatedly refused to say what percentage of the work it will receive. [more in article]"


Actually it is highly subjective to estimate what percentage of Australia work (by that parts and/or labour) is in anything - from a mobile phone to a ship or sub.

BUT, if Defence Ministers want to gain political advantage by using percentages, they need to explain them.

It was one of Christopher Pyne's LNP Coalition Government Ministerial colleagues who first brought up the percentage claims.

As Submarine Matters recorded in September 17, 2015

"It has yet to be confirmed in Hansard (officially recording Parliamentary House of Representatives statements) whether Kevin Andrews, who [was then] Defence Minister, stated in Parliamentiary Question Time (September 17, 2015) that perhaps 70% to 80% of new submarine work could be done in Australia. If so this may signal a change in policy. Note that the current feeling by industry in Australia is that Australia will order 8 submarines overall – not 12.

[Fairfax, Sydney Morning Herald journalists reported (September 17, 2015) the same Andrews statement"I see that one of the bidders has said that they can build a significant part of a submarine here in Australia - some 70 to 80 per cent," Mr Andrews told Parliament. "That means that we're going to have more jobs, a significant part of that build, perhaps 70 to 80 per cent of submarines, built here in Australia." Note the DCNS offer described in the same article.]"


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