April 1, 2018

Russian Design and Engine Institutes - TABLES 4 and 5

Table 4 Russian engine manufacturers: new engines & export
New engine
At the Aviation and Space Salon Max-2015, Russian developers showed a modern engine PD-14. It is assumed that the engine will be put on domestic aircraft Superjet-100 and MC-21.

More powerful engine modifications will be installed on the Tu-214 and IL-96. Serial production of the engine will begin in 2016. Also on the basis of PD-14 will be set up the production of a helicopter engine PD-12V, which will replace the Ukrainian engine D-136. October 5, 2015 it became known that Russian designers from Serpukhov created the first engine in Russia for a promising aerospace plane. Also in the near future, it is planned to develop the aircraft itself, which after all tests will go to military and civilian markets.
In 2016, Russia for the first time in the world successfully tested a detonation liquid rocket engine of a new generation on environmentally friendly fuel.
Also in 2016, the development of a new aircraft engine for a future-generation fighter of the new generation T-50 (PAK FA) was completed. It is reported that the serial delivery of the fighter will begin with a new engine.
In 2017, Russian scientists from the Lyulka Experimental Design Bureau developed and conducted tests of a fundamentally new pulsating detonation engine with a two-stage combustion of a kerosene-air fuel mixture. The use of this engine will increase the thrust of the aircraft by 1.5-2 times due to the increased specific thrust and lower mass of the product. Accordingly, due to reduced fuel consumption, the range of flights increases. The new development can find application in combat missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and supersonic aircraft.

Since 1996, there has been a project to supply Russian RD-180 engines for the main American Atlas-5 rocket. Delivered more than 70 engines.
l   https://sdelanounas.ru/blogs/65078/.
In May 2014, in connection with the deterioration of relations between Russia and the United States, engine purchases ceased, but supplies of previously purchased ones continued. Starting in 2015, deliveries of RD-181 engines for the US Antares rocket began.
Regular supplies of aircraft engines go to China

Table 5 Russian builders of ships and vessels of ocean class [3]
Since the industry is very large, only large enterprises are listed
Russian name
English name
Объединённая судостроительная корпорация ‘
United Shipbuilding Corporation (OSK)
Head office in St. Petersburg, Moscow
l   Main domestic industrial holding uniting the majority of the largest enterprises of the industry and part of its scientific and design organizations.
l   Controlled by the state and in 2017 de facto is responsible for the construction of all large ships of the Russian navy.
Дальневосточный центр судостроения и судоремонта
Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Center
l   A significant part of the large ship-repair and shipbuilding plants of the Far East of Russia.
l   Very large shipbuilding complex at the Far Eastern Zvezda plant.
Северное машиностроительное предприятие
Northern Machine Building Enterprise
l   Only builder of nuclear subs of all classes, and also non-nuclear subs.
l   Re-equipment and modernization of the aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov for export to India.
l   Oil platform Prirazlomnaya.
Северная верфь
Severnaya Verf
St. Petersburg
l   Corvette, frigate and destroyer
Прибалтийский судостроительный завод
Baltic Shipyard “Amber"
l   Frigates, large landing ships, medium reconnaissance ships
Адмиралтейские верфи
Admiralty Shipyards
St. Petersburg
l   Main builder of non-nuclear subs
Амурский судостроительный завод
Amur Shipbuilding Plant
l   Corvettes
l   Previously built nuclear-subs
Судостроительный завод «Залив»,
Shipyard Zaliv
l   Peviously built frigates and large civil vessels, and reconstructed in 2017
l   Only plant in Russia that has a sufficient dock for the building of supertankers and strike aircraft carriers.
Балтийский завод
Baltic factory
l   Only builder of nuclear icebreakers and floating nuclear power plants in the world,
l   Frigates for export.
Дальневосточный завод «Звезда»,
Far East Zvezda Plant
Bolshoy Kamen, Primorsky Territory
l   Repair and re-equipment of subs including nuclear subs
l   Repair and re-equipment of surface ships and vessels.
l   Currently, this equipment is being completed as a very large shipbuilding plant.
Выборгский судостроительный завод
Vyborg Shipyard
l   Ships with deadweight of up to 15000 tons
l   Offshore platforms, diesel icebreakers, relatively large fishing seiners.

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