April 1, 2018

Russian Design and Engine Institutes - TABLES 6 and 7

Anonymous in early March 2018 provided a mass of information about Russian designing and engine building research institutes. Frequent use of Ctrl + F for keyword search may help users.

Russian Design And Engine Building Research Institutes

Of main interest to Submarine Matters’ submarine and surface ship coverage is Tables 6 and 7.

Table 6 The most important scientific and design organizations of Russian shipbuilding industry
Profile, Performance and Activities
Blue color and red text within Tables suggests submarine or naval ship related organization
Russian name & address
English name & location
Profile and performance
Центральное конструкторское бюро «Айсберг»

Central Design Bureau (CBD) "Iceberg"

St. Petersburg
Bureau specializing in designing icebreakers including ones with nuclear power plants.

Aims securing the Northern Sea Route with icebreakers, a transport fleet for navigation in the Arctic and the transformation of the Northern Sea Route into a normally functioning shipping line.
http://www.iceberg.sp.ru/ website even features Lenin = “Ленин” on its logo!
l   Nuclear icebreakers
l   Floating nuclear power units
l   Auxiliary vessels for the Navy
l   Diesel-electric icebreakers
Центральное морское конструкторское бюро «Алмаз»

CDB "Almaz"

St. Petersburg
Part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation.

Leads design and engineering organization in the Russian shipbuilding industry.
Designed Dergach missile air cushion vehicle, Nanuchka and Tarantul-class missile corvettes, Matka-class missile hydrofoil, Pauk-class anti-submarine warfare corvette, Pomornik-class air cushion vehicle
l   Small and medium size surface combatants
l   High-speed combat and patrol boats
l   Air cushion landing ships and vessels of various applications
l   Mine countermeasures vessels
l   Special purpose vessels
l   Floating docks
l   Motor yachts
ЦКБ «Балтсудопроект»

CDB "Baltsoproject" and Krylov State Research Center are united R & D institution.
CDB "Baltsoproject"

St. Petersburg
Founded in 1925

The oldest design and engineering enterprise of the domestic marine shipbuilding.
Developed about 200 projects for which more than 2,600 vessels have been built.

l   Basic research on marine & river technology;
l   Development and justification of shipbuilding programs;
l   Development and examination of projects of ships & and structures;
l   Research on hydrodynamics, strength, energy and electric power systems, physical field, hydro-acoustics;
l   Design of electrical equipment, propellers, propulsion systems;
l   Design solutions for platforms for extracting sea shelf oil & gas
l   Standardization and so on
Крыловский государственный научный центр

Krylov State Research Center

St. Petersburg
Shipbuilding R & D institute. Operates as a federal state-owned unitary enterprise. Specializes in the design and technical support of the construction of ships, ships and floating facilities.
Has long-established experience since 1882.
Developing, piling, surrendering, being in construction surface ships and submarines
See CDB "Baltsoproject"
КБ «Вымпел»

KB "Vympel"

Nizhny Novgorod
Multidiscipline project organization

Performs license engineering of vessels and floating constructions of any complexity.
Designed more than 540 projects on the basis of which more than 6500 vessel was built.

13 projects under construction
l   Development of design documentation (docs) for shipbuilding including:
-        conceptual design
-        technical project
-        vessel docs on construction
-        design docs
-        plazovo-technological docs
-        acceptance and commissioning docs
l   Development of modernization projects, re-equipment of ships
l   Harmonization docs with supervisory authorities
l   Technical support of ship building at the plant
l   Carrying out model tests in experimental pool
l   Testing bending & weighing vessels
Зеленодольское проектно-конструкторское бюро

Zelenodolsk Design Bureau

Independent enterprise
Built about 800 ships and vessels for the Navy, naval units of the Border Troops, the USSR and Russia, and also for export.

Sokol type, Neustrashimy and Yaroslav Mudry warships

Submarine hunters of projects 201, 122b, 1124, 204, 159 and 35.
Detection method of submarine by using helicopter
l   Designing ships & their construction
l   Development of modernization projects
l   Consultation and assistance in the design
l   Experiment and testing
l   Design and manufacture of shipbuilding products
l   Designing equipment for the oil and gas industry
Центральное конструкторское бюро «Коралл»



Occupies a leading position in the design of stationary, self-elevating, semisubmersible and submersible drilling platforms, marine floating cranes, crane and pipe-laying vessels, other facilities for offshore oil and gas fields

Provides all stages of designing means for offshore development: concepts & technical projects, evaluation of investments, development of working & design docs, supervise construction.
Санкт-Петербургское морское бюро машиностроения «Малахит»
St. Petersburg Marine Engineering Bureau "Malachite"

St. Petersburg
Leading design bureau in Russia
Specializing in marine engineering, including the nuclear power plant.
Submarine Projects 627, 629, 645, 661, 671PT, 671PTM (К) ,705(К), 971, 885, Хаски, Консул
Designing, providing construction and testing of nuclear and diesel submarines and inhabited technical means of developing the Ocean.
Невское проектно-конструкторское бюро

Nevsky Design Bureau

St. Petersburg
Participates in international projects in the frames of military-technical cooperation with foreign countries because of drastic reduction of Navy orders,. .

Designing & producing docs for building, operational service, refitting & modernizing aircraft carriers & large landing ships, shipborne aviation facilities etc
Научно-исследовательское проектно-технологическое бюро «Онега»
Scientific and research project-technological bureau "Onega"

Design and engineering organizations of ship repair of the Russian shipbuilding industry.
Developed projects for repair and modernization of more than 30 ships.
Technological support for repair of diesel-electric foreign submarines
Technological and design support for repair, restoration of technical readiness and re-equipment of nuclear and diesel-electric submarines and surface ships

Центральное конструкторское бюро морской техники «Рубин»
CDB of Marine Engineering "Rubin"
JSC "CDB MT" Rubin"

St. Petersburg
One of the world leaders in the design of submarines

Leading design bureau of underwater shipbuilding in Russia.

Vast experience in the development of submarine.

l   Nuclear subs with ballistic missile
l   Nuclear subs with cruise missile
l   Non-nuclear subs
l   Energy Booths
Конструкторское бюро «Рубин-Север»
Design office “Rubin-Sever"
at Severodvinsk restricted entry shipyard
See Table IV
See Table IV
Северное проектно-конструкторское бюро

Northern Design Bureau,

St. Petersburg

Leading design bureau of Russia for the design of combat surface ships of various classes.

Has stable links with shipyards and equipment suppliers in Russia and abroad. 

The ships built according to the projects of the Bureau were well established during the service in the foreign Navy.
l   Admiral Grigorovich class frigate (Project 11356P/M)
l   Project 22160-class patrol ship
l   Rubin-class patrol boat (Project 22460)
l   And so on
Специальное конструкторское бюро по электрохимии сопытным заводом
Special Design and Technological Bureau for Electrochemistry (SKTBE) with an experimental plant

A member of the Northern Shipbuilding and Renovation Center (SCAD), and within the framework of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC).

Implemented the development of the 5th generation EHRV system for nuclear submarine
Electrochemical systems eg. electrochemical air regeneration (EHRV)
l   Catalytic system
l   Gas Analysts
l   Machine units of chemical engineering
l   Power electronics
l   Composite materials
l   Hydrogen technology


St. Petersburg
Spetssudoproekt" was founded in 1999 as a design bureau developing technical documentation for the shipbuilding industry.

Ростовское центральное проектно-конструкторское бюро «Стапель»
Rostov Central Design Bureau "Stapel"

Provides design and engineering services to water transport enterprises.

l   Develop technical requirements for new vessels
l   Develop contract proposals for sea, river and mixed navigation vessels
l   Design new sea, river and mixed navigation vessels, etc
Центральное конструкторское бюро «Черноморец»
CDB "Chernomorets"

Specializes in the development of technical documentation for the construction, repair, modernization of ships and ships of the Navy, the design of special purpose vessels.

Центральное конструкторское бюро «Лазурит»

CDB "Lazurit"

Leading design firm in the field of submarines and submersible technology.

l   Subsea Drilling System
l   Tourist Submarines and Submersibles
l   Marine Recreation Facilities, etc

Table 7 Main activities Rubin-Sever
Main activities
Development of devices, systems, products, objects of marine and other equipment, including components of submarines, on behalf of CDB MT "Rubin "

Technical support for the construction, modernization, repair and utilization of marine and other equipment under projects developed by JSC "CDB MT" Rubin"

Management on behalf of JSC "CDB MT" Rubin"design documentation of its development

Development of design, design and regulatory documentation to ensure the safe sinking, towing and disposal of surface ships and submarines of all purposes

Development of coastal infrastructure projects for servicing ships and vessels

Manufacture and testing of prototypes, certain types of products developed by the Company;

Implementation of activities related to the use of information constituting state secrets;

Designing of any objects of civil, industrial and technical designation;

Author's support of manufacturing and operation of objects and structures developed by the Company or with the participation of the Company;

Development and implementation of application software;

Rrendering of scientific and technical, design and engineering consulting services, marketing;

Iinnovation activity;
From the structure of the design staff there are structural divisions - groups in the following specialties:
Group of hull constructions
Group of electrical equipment and automatics
Group of general ship systems
Group of information technical support and technical support of orders

All design personnel have the following education:
Higher professional - design engineers;
Secondary vocational - technology.

The work experience in the field of shipbuilding and ship repair of design personnel is:
 in 30% - up to 5 years;
 in 10% - from 5 to 10 years;
 60% have more than 10 years.

The staff of the enterprise determines the competitive advantages of the enterprise and the opportunities for its development.

The purpose of the personnel policy of the enterprise is to maintain and improve the unified system and ideology of personnel management aimed at the successful operation of the enterprise.


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