April 3, 2018

Nuclear Tipped Babur-3 SLCM Ambiguities and Dangers

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Peter Coates said...

Strategy Page, April 18, 2018 has produced a fine article doubting that Pakistan can develop a viable Babur 3 as an SLCM

see "Submarines: Pakistan Pretends" at https://www.strategypage.com/htmw/htsub/articles/20180418.aspx

which begins "...In March 2018 Pakistan announced another successful test of its Babur 3 cruise missile from an underwater platform. Sometimes described as a submarine launched cruise missile, official announcements from the Pakistani military always mention Babur 3 operating from a “mobile underwater platform” never a submarine. Underwater barges are typically used to test ballistic or cruise missiles designed to be launched from submarines.

It appears Pakistan has got Babur 3 to work when launched from an underwater test barge but not yet (or perhaps ever) from ones of its French designed Agosta submarines. These subs are designed to use underwater launched (from torpedo tubes) Exocet anti-ship missiles. These missiles weight 680 kg (1,500 pounds) and have a max range of 70 kilometers.

Launching a larger (1.5 ton) cruise missile from a submarine involves a different technology and the Americans find it more effective to design their submarines to carry special cells just for launching cruise missiles...."