April 12, 2019

Russia's UET-1 electric propelled torpedo ordered by Russian Navy - Part Three

An expert on Russian submarines "Starshiy" has kindly provided extra information on the Russian  electric battery propelled torpedoes being ordered by the Russian Navy. Starshiy advises:

"The TE-2 [in SubMatts' April 2, 2019 article] has not been ordered by the Russian Navy."

Russia's TASS News Agency instead advised, September 8, 2018 https://tass.ru/armiya-i-opk/5539446 that the Russian Navy instead chose 73 x UET-1s electric torpedoes to be delivered from 2019 to 2023. These are produced by Russia's Tactical Missiles Corporation"

Starshiy has added extra information:

The UET-1 is a 533mm "universal" [multi-purpose] electric torpedo made by Russia's Tactical Missiles Corporation's Dagdizel factory.

UET-1s will replace the obsolete, slower, lower detection range USET-80 [in German] from 2019. The order for 73 x UET-1s costs 7.2 billion rubles (about €103 million). The UET-1 was selected against competition from the TE-2.

UET-1 Specifications:

-  Maximum range: 50km
-  Max speed: 50 knots
-  Range of the homing controller from submarine: 3.4km
-  Surface ship wake indication time: 500 seconds.
-  Torpedo can regulate its speed.

Russian officials (including Anatoly Galyaev in senior Colonel's uniform now in Armaments Branch?) admire UET-1 torpedo components at Russia's Tactical Missiles Corporation Dagdizel torpedo factory (Photo courtesy Russian Ministry of Defence Media Release
 https://eng.mil.ru/en/news_page/country/more.htm?id=12164690@egNews )

Starshiy and Pete


Josh said...


Wouldn't the surface wake detection time varies with target speed and size?


Pete said...

Hi Josh

On "Wouldn't the surface wake detection time varies with target speed and size?"

Maybe. I would imagine the Russian Navy would have a service standard that may assume an average sized target ship at average speed.

eg. a light 3,000 tonne destroyer moving at 16 knots?