July 30, 2015

Where is Reunion island? Right here. Maybe part of MH370 found.

Image courtesy CBC. Canada's CBC reports, July 29-30, 2015. A 2 meter piece of wreckage was found on Wednesday-Thursday, July 29-30, washed up in the town of Saint-André on the northeast coast of the French island of Reunion. It may be part of a wing of a Boeing 777 jet, the same kind of plane as MH370, but this is not confirmed. Réunion (French: La Réunion) is a French island with a population of 845,000 inhabitants located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. 

Reunion island - capital is Saint-Denis in center of map.

Water's edge by town of Saint-Andre (above) northeast Reunion island. (Map courtesy Agence France Press (AFP))

Police (gendarmes) carrying two meter piece of an aircraft - possibly from MH370. (Photo courtesy UK Telegraph)

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