July 24, 2015

Camera Footage of Action Inside Chinese Submarines

Have you even wondered how the Chinese media views the Peoples Liberation Army - Navy (PLAN) submarine service? While submarines are ideally quiet, submerged and solitary - the Youtube above depict lots of shouting, surfaced action and groups of subs charging. 

A Chinese Yuan class submarine. This is perhaps a more realistic submarine experience. I like the  stirring rendition of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

Though the Youtube at https://youtu.be/21XEInvvVn8 (click "Show More") describes the sub as "Song class" is also says it has "air-independent stirling circle propulsion (AIP)" (thankyou Sweden :) which makes it a Yuan class. It also carries a Chinese development of a French Thomson-CSF TSM-2233 attack sonar in the bow. It may well have a MTU diesel designed by Germany. Notice the "birthday cake" made of tropical fruit for a crew member - 4 minutes 25 seconds in.


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