January 11, 2017

January 2017 Report - TRUMP NOT THAT BAD

Trump "astonishingly excellent" - says one.

Hi Donors

I've just emailed Submarine Matters' January 2017 Report TRUMP NOT THAT BAD out to you, as a WORD attachment. Please check your spam bin if you don't see it in your IN box.


Peter Coates

Submarine Matters International


Anonymous said...

Hi Pete

President-elect Trump may be not bad than expected. He is a brainy man and will do everything to achieve target. As his final target is 8 years in White House, he will adopt realistic but popular policy.

Though increasing criticism, the President-elect is expanding employment and investiment in USA by Twitter-threatening against Ford and Toyota. For competent businessman or businesswoman, result is everything and explanation of process is not needed.


Peter Coates said...

A question - What does Australia think about Trump's "America First" call? - has been asked

1000s of words could be written in response. Basically Trump has not put America First into action as a set of foreign, defence or protectionist economic actions.

So the many levels of Australia's government, academics, thinktanks and consultants (like Submarine Matters) are playing Wait And See until Trump shows his hand.