April 2, 2016

Trump's Nuclear Triad - Amazing knowledge of American Prez to be.

 Future Leader of Free World Nuclear Bombs, Trump - a steady hand clutching his concepts.

China nuclear exploding. See  1:32  in - nuclear troops and nifty nuclear Mongolian ponies, attacking explosion. The implication seems to be that conventional war can be enhanced by nuclear weapons.

Nuclear black-mailing North Korea is much more dangerous. The third generation of the Kim Dynasty, in its own little thought bubble, may not quite know what nuclear war means.

South Korea, Japan and Australia can't rely on a US nuclear umbrella as it now appears to rely on a US leadership pendulum. Trump "foreign policies" being the main risk, perhaps becoming reality. Even Putin is looking logical and reasonable, by comparison.

India, France, Britain and Israel don't rely on the US nuclear umbrella.


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Ztev Konrad said...

In 2012 the number of Americans who voted in the presidential election was approx 130 million.
When the primaries are over its estimated 30 mill people would have voted in the GOP primaries.
Donald Trump has beetween 25-40% of those 30 mill. Lets say 10 million votes . This is what says he is the GOP front runner. This is his core support.
That leaves 100 million reasons why Trump will not be President