September 23, 2015

Industry Minister Christopher Pyne Preempts Major Defence Policy

Industry Minister Christopher Pyne in full flight. His backing of his home state (South Australia) over other states and his manner may not have made him totally Defence Force compatible.

The Turnbull Government’s submarine build policies are becoming clearer in the direction of full build in Australia not just a 70% hybrid build as previously expressed. The policies of Defence Minister Marise Payne may have been pre-empted by Federal Minister for Industry, Christopher Pyne [Pyne/Payne will cause confusion…] when Christopher Pyne said the words below on Australia’s ABC, September 23, 2015

Ministers Christopher Pyne, Jamie Briggs give strong indication of Adelaide submarine build

Federal Industry Minister Christopher Pyne has given his strongest indication yet that a full domestic build of Australia's next fleet of submarines will take place in Adelaide.

During an interview on 891 ABC [radio] Adelaide [on September 23, 2015], the SA-based MP said he wanted the State and Federal Governments to work together.

"The SA Government and Federal Government, will come up [with] a proposal, I hope, for a full domestic build at Osborne,[in Adelaide, South Australia]" he said.

Firms from Germany, France and Japan are competing to build the submarines after former Prime Minister Tony Abbott broke his pre-election promise in 2013 and put the tender out to what he called a "competitive evaluation process".

The South Australian Government wants the Coalition to honour its previous commitment to build the replacement to the Collins Class fleet at Techport, the shipbuilding facility it owns at Osborne in Adelaide.

Mr Pyne was tipped to take over as Minister for Defence from Kevin Andrews in Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's recent cabinet reshuffle but the role was instead handed to NSW Senator Marise Payne. [Pete’s Comment - perhaps it was thought Christopher Pyne would too strongly back the interests of South Australia over the interests of other states.]



Anonymous said...

Hi Pete

Japan should decline the tender. Further discussion with Australia is a waste of time.


Peter Coates said...

Hi S

The Australian Prime Minister and Defence Minister still have not formulated the submarine build plans and policies. Christopher Pyne may have acted beyond his position and clearly as a salesman for South Australia.

Japan still has a strong case. The US combat system and US influence may most strongly favour the Japanese design.

If Japan designs the sub and manages the build in Australia (like Mitsubishi and Toyota has built and managed car factories in Australia for decades) Australia will have a submarine that is strongly inter-operable with its US and Japanese allies. These qualities would be more difficult to deliver, in some respects, in German or French designs.