December 31, 2013

Volgograd bombings and Sochi Olympic security

The location of the first bombing (December 29, 2013) at Volgograd's main train station. Volgograd was known as Stalingrad in World War Two. The sculpture in front is a representation of the Barmaley Fountain - the most iconic symbol of the Battle of Stalingrad.  


Update on January 20, 2014: A video was released of the purported suicide bombers. Males rather than "black widows". They indicated more bombing(s) were inevitable.  see and

Below is an article I wrote - published on Australia's On Line Opinion

Volgograd bombings and Sochi Olympic security


jbmoore said...

Happy New Year, Pete! The best thing to do is to not be terrorized. The Russians are a tough people. They'll get through this as will we all. If a de facto police state can't stop terrorists, then possibly new solutions may have to be sought.

Pete said...


Happy New Year to you to.

The Russians certainly are tough. Its tragic innocent Russians are being killed by terrorists.

FSB will certainly scrutinise North Circassian seperatists very closely.

My article expected "arrests" and I've just heard on the news that "dozens of people have been rounded up in Volgograd".