October 9, 2018

Different Weights and Prices of LIB and LAB Batteries on Soryu Submarines

On October 6, 2018 Anonymous commented (following Submarine Matters, October 5, 2018 article on the launch of the first large Lithium-ion Battery (LIB) submarine) along the lines:

As the length of the Lithium-ion Batteries LIB-Soryu (27SS) is the same as that of the preceding lead-acid batteries LAB-Soryus, the structure of the LIB-Soryus (27SS and the next 28SS) might be very similar to the LAB-Soryus. 

The major differences are:

1.  the large liquid oxygen LOx tanks and Stirling AIP on the LAB -Soryus will not be on the 
     LIB-Soryus. Instead the LIB-Soryus will have an extra 192 LIB modules (12 columns x 16 rows)
     to make up a total of 672 LIB modules. 672 was predicted in the Submarine Matters article of
     April 4, 2017.

2.  there will be a not easily quantified weight difference between LIB-Soryus and LAB-Soryus
     LIBs weigh 770kg per module and there are 192 extra LIB modules
     Compared to LABs weighing 880kg per module, and
     The heavy LOx, LOx tanks and Stirlig AIP will not be on LIB-Soryus
     [But extra sleeping accommodation and a toilet for women will be on LIB-Soryus.]

3.  The major prices increases of LIBs over LABs, with Totals of:
      -  US$97 million for the 672 LIB modules (at US$144,000 /module) on LIB-Soryus
      -  compared to US$13 million for 480 LABs (at US$27,000 /module) on LAB-Soryus.

Pete Comment: As LIBs for submarines become more common their unit and Total prices are likely to decline significantly.


brainski said...

In your price comparison, it would be interesting to see the difference between the 672 LIB cells to the LAB and the Sterling engine which it replaces.

Pete said...

Hi "brainski"

Your question " it would be interesting to see the difference between the 672 LIB cells to the LAB and the Sterling engine which it replaces." has been anticipated by four of Anonymouse's April 2017 articles:

- https://gentleseas.blogspot.com/2017/04/submarine-electricity-discharge.html

- http://gentleseas.blogspot.com/2017/04/labs-hypothetical-snorting-times-crew.html

- http://gentleseas.blogspot.com/2017/04/part-2-fc-aip-is-added-to-labs-used-in.html and

- http://gentleseas.blogspot.com/2017/04/part-3-three-lib-arrangements.html

Also many other Submarine Matters articles for you to locate.

Enjoy and Regards