July 3, 2016

Australian Government More Unstable Than Ever

Today, the vote count for the July 2, 2016, Australian Election - for all seats in the House of Representatives and Senate - is so close that there are insufficient numbers currently for any political party to form Government. Votes will need to be recounted over the next few days.

Also such is Prime Minister Turnbull's now identified mistake of launching a Double Dissolution Election that the leadership of the Liberal Party may possibly shift back to Tony Abbott in the next few days or weeks. This is because Abbott leads the Liberal Party's rightwing faction that has always distrusted Turnbull and opposed Turnbull replacing Abbott in September 2015.

Because Turnbull surprisingly appointed Senator Marise Payne as Defence Minister in September 2015 if Turnbull leaves office she may leave office. Senator Payne has proven the best Defence  Minister for many years (seen in the 2016 Defence White Paper and Continuous Shipbuilding announcements). Her leaving would make Australian future submarine issues unpredictable for weeks or months.

Noting that Australia has not signed any (or many) contracts with DCNS on the Shortfin opens up continuing legal and business possibilities...


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