January 10, 2018

January 2018 Donor Report: Table of Influences on Submarine Programs

Hi Donors

I have just sent you Submarine Matters' January 2018 Donor Report: TABLE OF INFLUENCES ON SUBMARINE PROGRAMS

This is the final Donor Report. 

I've enjoyed writing and sending Donor Reports, but from a semi-professional viewpoint, look forward to accepting any commissions for specific topics.  

Leadin of report: 

"The table...has several measures (including military spending) that underline some big picture realities. These ultimately impact submarine sector activities, production and international competition. Since the Cold War no country has spent enough to develop all submarine sectors (including nuclear submarines, SSKs or AIP all in mature quantity production). Comments...will center more on the US, China and Russia than other submarine nations. No reliable financial or submarine measures (other than 72 mainly small-mini subs) can be attached to North Korea (yet)..."

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