February 15, 2017

Already a submarine named TRUMP

President Trump the Tweeter would be unaware that a successful submarine carried his name. Above is the Trump submarine badge/coat of arms. Note the sails and hull of the Trump "Ship of State" on top of the badge (Artwork courtesy Wikipedia). 

HMS Trump in 1945 before major upgrades (Photo courtesy Wikipedia)

The heavily converted HMS Trump in Sydney Harbour 1961 after many UK "Super-T" (GUPPY like) changes (Photo courtesy Flickr)

President Trump has not had to wait for a US nuclear propelled carrier or SSBN to be named after him, because there's already been a submarine named Trump.

I speak, of course, of UK Royal Navy HMS Trump which was launched in 1944 and presciently named "Trump" 2 years before The Donald's actual birth in 1946. HMS Trump was one of a relatively large class (for Britain) of  "T" or "Triton" class submarines mainly built in WWII.

HMS Trump mainly served from Fremantle, Western Australia, 1944-45 in the Asia-Pacific war against Japan. In four patrols in 1945, north of Australia, Trump sunk a Japanese guardboat, a sailing vessel, two coasters, a tanker, a cargo vessel and an army cargo ship.

After the war Trump continued on in a RN submarine squadron stationed in Sydney Harbour.  Trump received UK "Super T" (similar to GUPPY style) upgrades inspired by the revolutionary design of captured German Type XXI submarines. See the dramatic change (above) between Trump’s "old T" 1945 appearance and Trump's streamlined "Super-T" 1961 exterior.

Trump was scrapped in the UK in 1971. Hence a submarine with a successful war service, from Australian bases, accidentally carries the name of:

A.  America's top Reality TV Star, Twitter Star, Wrestlemania Guru, Professional Billionaire
      Boss and part-time President, 


B.  maybe that of a Superior Card.

The UK HMS Trump's career shows that there are other powers Australia, did, can, or could, rely on. The US should not take Australia for granted as a loyal servant.

If the Trump Administration runs two rustbelt-white driven terms and Trump continues his failing  "performance" and "leadership" in:

-  foreign
-  defence, and
-  intelligence

policy arenas there are other countries that Australia might need to rely on.

Half of Southeast Asia (eg. the Philippines) is steadily looking to China.

China is Australia's main trade partner that has already bought the Port of Darwin.


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Anonymous said...

It is chaos in the world, chaos in the order that was established post 1945, chaos among alliances, strapped onto war monger-ism plus amateurism in foreign policy (it was conducted in a public restaurant not in some secured meeting room).
Australia is a very long standing US ally but given the inevitable changes in the world order, I suspect changes will be forthcoming to this partnership.
POTUS will be a 1 or 2 term President, but the damages in Asia will be long lasting.