October 29, 2012

How one man's Nyet saved the world.

The venerable Foxtrot. India also had four, known as the Kalvari class.

A Russian does well http://indrus.in/articles/2012/10/28/how_one_mans_nyet_saved_the_world_18673.html

How one man’s “[Nyet]” saved the world


"If the earth is not an overcooked radioactive wasteland today, the credit for that goes not to Khrushchev or Kennedy but to an unknown Soviet submariner named Vasili Arkhipov who refused to ignite World War III despite the gravest provocation."
In popular fiction the Cuban Missile Crisis seems to be all about JFK's and "Barbeez" do-no-wrong brilliance. Its a little bit more complicated.
Anton Kalashnikov

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