August 3, 2018

Facebook calls efforts subverting next US elections a ‘new arms race’

In preperation for US November 2016 Presidential Election

Diagram below illustrates how Cambridge Analytica, on behalf of Trump and Russia, hijacked 50+ million Facebook profiles prior to US 2016 Election. (Diagram courtesy The Guardian March 18, 2018  )


2018 July

Facebook, in dramatically creating the national security sounding “arms race” tag, clearly wants to rehabilitate itself in the eyes of the US security and intelligence community as well as the US public and political establishment. "Arms race" would particularly appeal to the US Department of Defense run National Security Agency (NSA) (specifically the NSA's Information Assurance mission).

The piece of Facebook publicity campaigning below comes too late after Facebook profiles were far too easily exploited by Cambridge Analytica to get Trump elected in 2016.


INTELNEWS August 1, 2018 has produced an interesting article titled Facebook says efforts to subvert upcoming US elections resemble ‘new arms race’

Facebook has said it is involved in an “arms race” against “bad actors” as it announced on [August 31, 2018] the removal of accounts that allegedly tried to subvert the upcoming mid-term elections in the United States. The social-media giant said its security division had identified 32 profiles and pages that were set up for the sole purpose of disrupting, subverting or otherwise influencing the American political process. At least seven more accounts were shut down on the Instagram platform –which is also owned by Facebook– for the same reasons. In the past 14 months, the suspect accounts generated nearly 10,000 posts and were liked or followed by over 290,000 users, said Facebook ...

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