November 6, 2017

Pete working in Adelaide in Next 12 Months?

An Air Warfare Destroyer being built at ASC, Osborne, Adelaide. From the road I saw Nuships Brisbane and Sydney under construction. Ship/submarine building is Adelaide's (only promising?) manufacturing growth industry. Phote courtesy Sydney's Daily Telegraph.

I've just been in Adelaide for 2 weeks to judge whether it a liveable city to move to.

My likely job(s) would be to continue to research submarine political and overview technical issues (especially Collins Upgrade and Australian Future Submarine) and supply talking point briefs to submarine businesses.

Likely move to Adelaide in next 12 months.

Criteria/issues in searching where to live includes:

1.  Cost of housing. Housing + carspots large enough to host long or short term guest(s) who are
     French or Australian.

2.  Easy access from house to Osborne (improved motorways/roads/rail helps)

3.  Nearby/accessible shopping centers and other retail services.

4.  Would learning French be necessary or are Naval Group and French contractors intending to use
     spoken and written English only?

5.  Interesting that Adelaidians cannot seem to access better submarine information using local
     hardcopy sources than is already available on Internet (accessible anywhere). For example
    Reuters and the The Australian seems far better informed than what seems Adelaide's local
    newspaper The Advertiser.

6. Yet Adelaide's only growing manufacturing sector seems to be ship/submarine building.

7.  Aim that Submarine Matters would continue - with shorter articles.



Anonymous said...

Hi Pete

For your reference

Public transportation is used in metropolis of Japan, and train is much popular than bus. So, important conditions of house searching are distance from the nearest railway station (within 10 min walking), distance between the nearest station and CBD (30-60min) and atmosphere of the district.

I wish you success.

Anonymous said...


Its been a long time since I was last in Adelaide. A few thing though to remember. Its roughly (very) 1/4 the population of greater Sydney or greater Melbourne. It was also in the begining, a planned city. This means it is generally not too hard to get around in comparison to the likes of Sydney & Melbourne. Housing is less than half the price of Sydney. If you own your own home in Sydney or Melbourne, there is a good chance you could be debt free after your move. If you have guests for any length of time, the Barossa valley is a great place to visit (especially if into wine). Your site does not say where you are currently based. If its Sydney or Melbourne, you will need to get out of the Sydney / Melbourne mindset. If from elsewhere, you won't have a problem.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pete,

I have no opinions, having never been there, but I must say that if you like naval vessels, Adelaide sounds like an exciting place to move to. There will always be 2-4 new vessels/subs being built from 2019 onwards, for decades to come. Hope you find a place that fulfils all your criteria.

Speaking of naval vessels, I hope they start sooner than later. China and now North Korea just keep on pushing.



Peter Coates said...

Hi Anonymous

Yes Adelaide is fortunately a small-medium size city with horizontal 2-way grid pattern streets. Sydney often one way streets that follow that illogical traffic-jam fingers of the harbour. Melbourne grid but still much traffic. Canberra better than Syd/Mel but many Can circles to decieve the unwary.

The cost of Adelaide northern suburb's housing is about 25% of Sydney's million dollar house average and 30% of Melbourne.

Don't need a mortgage and not reliant/beholden to power of specific employers. Employers may distrust me on the fact I can give frank advice :)



Peter Coates said...

Hi Adrian

Being able to see ships (and maybe submarines) being built is indeed a major criterion for me living in Adelaide in the future.



Peter Coates said...

Apologies to Donors.

As the trip to Adelaide contributes to my lateness delivering the November Report for Donors.

I will deliver the report in the next 30 hours. It concerns the US Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (once called SOSUS) Pacific portion.



Anonymous said...

Maybe we will see you on one of those House Hunter programs. good hunting and hope you make the most of it.