September 15, 2016

Monthly report for Donors: "DCNS Document Leak - Changes to India’s Scorpenes?"

Hi Donors

I've been a bit quiet today, busy writing Submarine Matters monthly report:

 DCNS Document Leak - Changes to India’s Scorpenes?

I've just emailed it to you with a WORD attachment. Please check your spam bins if you don't see it in your IN boxes.

For anybody else wishing to recieve DCNS Document Leak - Changes to India’s Scorpenes? Please donate A$50 - see Donate Button on righthand sidebar - then I will email this report to you - as well as 11 more Reports on the second Wednesday of each month.  




GA said...

Hi Pete,

On another subject,

here is a link to a recent French documentary about the French SSN Rubis and Barracuda.

The video is available until next thursday.



Peter Coates said...


No video link!

I'd be grateful if you could supply the video link you were referring to.



GA said...


Sorry, probably a copy/paste mistake

Here is the link :

Peter Coates said...

Thanks GA


The VIDEO is unfortunately geo-blocked to Australia.

But interesting description on that site - translated:

"We do not see them, you do not hear them, you never know where they sail. Nuclear powered submarines are the most discrete devices whose great maritime powers have to monitor or attack their enemies. These are also the most advanced technologically, can dive up to 300 meters deep and stay from listing up to three months without going back to the surface.

What are these submarines for? How do they work? What crews life looks when they are in immersion, cut off from the world for months? We will accompany a crew of 70 sailors during of a training mission, to share their daily lives in this confined space and totally cut off from the outside, attend their maneuvers and thus understand their role in our system of defense and information."