September 13, 2016

A Trump Win Closer After Hillary Almost Collapses - Solution?

As Hillary lost her footing Trump moved a step closer to the Presidency. With Trump's lack of interest in foreign policy and alliance matters his becoming President is a worry particularly for Japan and South Korea.

Yesterday, after feeling too ill to remain at a 9/11 memorial service, a stumbling Hillary almost hit the pavement or her large black vehicle. Fortunately two members of her entourage caught her. At least 2 questions arise:

1. Is Hillary hiding an even more severe illness than pneumonia reported in the press? and

2. If just an Election Campaign exhausts Hillary could she handle times of crisis as President?

Small, frail and soft looking Hillary couldn’t have picked a worse time to show weakness. Probably a significant number of previously undecided votes have swung Trumps way - for the 8 November 2016 Presidential Elections.

Hillary has also cancelled a California fundraising trip. 


I think Japan and South Korea should persuade their businessmen to conclude business deals with Trump or his companies. Even if Trump doesn't respect foreigners he respects business from Japan and South Korea.


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