November 30, 2015

Life inside a Russian built Kilo class submarine

Just above is an excellent Indian submarine Youtube. It is about INS Sindhukirti a Kilo (called Sindhughosh class in India) submarine designed and built by Russian shipbuilder Sevmash.

Looking at the Youtube:

3min 25secs - in shows many advanced looking combat system and steering screens

7m 40s - battery checking, a very arduous looking manual task done twice a day. Perhaps remote sensor system checking batteries would be more effecient.

8mins - amazingly cramped and hot engine room. Pays not to be 6 feet tall!

9m 50s - Indian ELF antennass at INS Kattabomman in southern India aid in submarine navigation/positioning and to send commands to subs in the Indian Ocean

12m - crew is 53, but "average of 70 serve on board". Presumably for short missions?

15m 30s - selection, recruitment, training,

20m 20s There is a need for reform and major updating in India's submarine program, new subs needed. China's subs are much more modern.



Nicky said...

Hi Pete,
How dose India's Kilo class compare to what is around the region.

Anonymous said...

It depends on the skills of the crew. In the most recent exercise with the USN, an India Kilo simulated successfully a kill on a Los Angeless SSN.

Peter Coates said...

Hi Nicky

Its very difficult to determine the measures for comparision. The Kilo may be good for operations in littoral waters but less useful than an SSN (including Virginias and Akulas) for blue water operations.