February 14, 2020

Australia warns French designers of Australia's future submarine fleet


Anonymous said...

Hi Pete

Is cancellation of contract with Naval Group possible? Is Japanese submarine a better option instead of French submarine, even if Australia pay compensation ?.


Arpit Kanodia said...

Hi Pete,

I think he want to ask about industrial /shipbuilding capability and capacity of Australia.

Because I don't think situation going to change with Japanese or any other, if industrial capabilities to build a submarine in Aus is at nascent stage.

Anonymous said...

The article & warnings given refer to insufficient attention being given to local Australian firms in the potential supply chain. There have even been rumours of firms that are currently involved with Collins (& those that came before), being ignored or dismissed out of hand. The minister is quite in order to remind Naval Group that the Attack class is not intended as a French make work program (French government is majority owner). A sovereign capability means maximising local content & ability’s where possible. What makes the questioner think dealing with the Japanese would be any different?

Yes, we are paying a premium for a custom designed submarine. But the quality of the people involved in the selection & in the overseeing body is exceptional. The French government is well aware that this is the premier conventional submarine contract anywhere in the world & they have put their name to it. Like the F35, it will be made deliver. If it doesn’t, the French President may even be persuaded to bring the guillotine out of retirement.

Pete said...

Hi Anonymous and Arpit Kanodia

I reply in my new article https://gentleseas.blogspot.com/2020/02/australia-cannot-drop-french-contract.html of February 17, 2020.