July 27, 2017

3D printers and "Amateur" bio-weapons

And now something (non-North Korean nuclear tipped submarine launched missile) to worry about, in future:

"Amateur 'biohackers' who tinker with the genetic make-up of living organisms could develop new types of biological weapons, a leading academic has warned.

Professor John Parrington, a molecular biologist at Oxford University, claims cheap gene editing tools are becoming widely available around the world.

This is giving DIY scientists the chance to genetically alter organisms like bacteria and yeast to give them properties not seen in nature...." 

Add 3D printing of bio weapons into the mix.

But luckily NSA like cyber agencies may be able to seed, track and destroy bio weapon messages and/or organisations attempting to send such dangerous messages for 3D printers or other uses.

Something to worry about in 10 years (more or less)

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