May 7, 2018

China's Type 039 Song Submarine has MTU 16V 396 SE84 Diesels

Submarine Matters has been searching for hard to find data on diesels used by current Chinese submarines. It appears David Ross's book (below) is quite reliable as a source. This on the basis of the apparent accuracy of all his coverage of nuclear and diesel electric submarines. 

According to Ross China's Type 039 Song Submarine has 4 x MTU 16V 396S E84 Diesels with a 7 blade propeller, the Song is believed to displace around 2,286 tonnes (submerged). See: 

David RossThe World's Greatest SUBMARINES: An Illustrated History, Amber Books Ltd, London, UK 2016, indicated on pages 181 and 182. Also see Ross's October 2017 Edition on Amazon. The book is fairly up to date (late 2015) as indicated by sections on the Soryu, Arihant and Yasen. There is mention on page 215 of a Russian Malakhit Design Bureau preliminary study of a future fifth generation SSN and SSGN concept (this would mean the 2 class Husky).  

It is not yet known whether China's follow-on Type 039A/041 Yuan, with submerged displacement of around 3,550 tonnes, has 4, 5, or 6 MTU 396s or MTU 4000s .

Competitors to the West (China, Russia, Iran, N Korea) Submarine Propulsion Table
Diesel engine
Motor, Propeller AIP (if fitted)
North Korea
Golf /
1 to 3 E390ZC-1? Russian Golf class given to NK with 3 × diesels originally

MTU 16V396SE84 or MAN SEMT Pielstick
Ming class, Type 033
1 x E390ZC-1

MTU 16V396SE84 or MAN SEMT Pielstick
Song class (Type 039) & Yuan class (Type 039A or 41)
2 x MTU 20V4000M diesels are already being offered by China in its warships, eg. the P18 export version of China’s Type 056 corvette
Songs have a 7 bladed skewed propeller. In future Yuans may have permanent magnet motors
4 x MTU 16V396SE84 Diesels (see Ross above) 
built by Yuchai Group . China may bring in MTU 4000s given ita new MTU factory and see MTU Report
Kilo class
1 x Elektrosila motor Russian. Permanent magnet motors may be installed on new Improved Kilo 636s 
Likely to use 4 x MTU 16V396SE84
Lada/Amur class, just 1 testbed
also see Russ site on D49
For future Amur class permanent magnet motors are planned. AIP being developed
Kilo class

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MTU Yuchai Power to start Series 4000 engine production in China
Posted by Paul Moore on 10th April 2018

MTU Yuchai Power, a joint venture set up between Rolls-Royce Power Systems and the Chinese diesel engine manufacturer Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Company, is preparing for the start of series production of MTU Series 4000 engines

Preparations for the completion of the assembly lines for high-volume series production are in full swing, with the large test bench required for engines with power outputs of up to 3,500 kW and as many as 20 cylinders currently being calibrated.

The components needed to produce the engines at MTU Yuchai Power will initially come from Germany. Suppliers in China capable of delivering parts of the same quality will gradually be added at a later stage.