June 25, 2017

Russian ship and submarine cruise missiles fired at IS in Syria (footage)

Six Kalibr missiles were reportedly fired at Islamic State in Syria on June 23, 2017 from 2 Russian warships and a submarine. This latest spectacular Russian salvo allegedly hit IS command posts and large weapons caches in the Syrian eastern province of Hama. 

Russian cruise missile launches are viewed by the US as threatening the US' rightful dominance over the Middle East. Put another way the missiles landed too close to the US' regional oil producing client states - Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, even Iraq, as well as US bases.



Anonymous said...

Hi Pete

According to Russian paper, the contract for the building of Haski-class, successor of Yasen-class will will be concluded after 2018. Haski-class will equip with hypersonic missiles "Zircon".


“Earlier, the United Shipbuilding Corporation announced the beginning of work to shape the appearance of the multi-purpose nuclear submarines of the 5th generation of the Haski project, they will replace the 885 Yasen nuclear submarine, which are currently being built and are entering the combat composition of the Russian Navy.So far it is known only that the new multipurpose submarine will be maximally unified with a prospective strategic nuclear submarine, and on its armament will be hypersonic missiles Zircon.”


Peter Coates said...

Thanks Anonymous

Haski is Husky-class in English. It seems there will be 2 types of Huskies, SSNs and SSGNs.

Russia has only been able to afford a small number of Yasens and slowly built.

The Huskies may suffer the same few in number, slow built built production run. http://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/russias-next-two-submarine-projects-feature-some-very-exotic-15618

Meanwhile the US built more than 60 land attack cruise missile firing Los Angeles SSNs and will build more than 20 to 30 Virginia class SSNs with even more cruise missiles per sub.

Even China may exceed Russian numbers of SSNs, SSGNs and SSBNs.



Josh said...


Agree that Russia's defense projects generally should be viewed with skepticism until they hit IOC. They are struggling to keep pace with two nuclear projects. That said, the new class is apparently a reaction to the difficulties and expense of the Yasen class and might be a smaller, simpler design not so much to improve the Yasen as to put more hulls in the water. It may not ever exist, but if it does, it will be more akin to replacing PAK-FA production with MiG-35: a capable but cheaper stop gap to get platforms into service.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pete

Huski-class will become a bit smaller than Yasen-class, adopt double or semi double hull and be stealth-oriented.

The Russian multi-purpose nuclear submarine (NPS) of the future will have two hulls and a displacement of less than 12 thousand tons, said in an interview with RIA Novosti deputy director general of the design bureau "Malakhit" Nikolay Novoselov.

"The displacement will be about the same as that of the" Ash ", - up to 12 thousand tons, maybe a little less." The fifth generation we are developing in an initiative, the Defense Ministry has not let us down the technical task, "Novosyolov said.