June 23, 2017

North Korea's Kim Jong Un Apparently Wanted Dead or Dead

ALEX LOCKIE for Business Insider Australia has written an excellent article, of June 23, 2017 concerning feelings of North Korea's Kim Jong Un that he is under threat of assassination by foreigners. Article begins:

“The US and South Korea reportedly have a special ops team 'to take out Kim Jong Un"

"Even though he’s the supreme leader of his country, Kim Jong Un has reportedly been living like a hunted man out of fear that the US and South Korea are collaborating on a special forces team to take him out in case of a contingency.
South Korean intelligence services told lawmakers recently that the moves of US and South Korean forces make Kim “extremely nervous,” according to the Korea Herald. Apparently, Kim has been riding in his subordinates’ cars and making fewer public appearances.
In March, South Korean media reported that the US Navy’s SEAL Team 6, the same group that pulled off the 2011 raid that killed Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan had arrived in South Korea for a joint-training exercise.
...The US would not confirm the presence of Navy SEALs in South Korea, but it did announce the arrival of the USS Michigan, [an Ohio-class SSGN] submarine that sometimes carries special operations forces....”
See whole Business Insider Australia article.


Given Kim would have 10s to 100s of close-in bodyguards, deep bunkers in mountains and protected by (the outer concentric circle of) the whole North Korean military - it is unlikely that the US would attempt to insert a few gun toting CIA/Special Forces/SEALS to take Kim out.

More likely is the use of a huge bunker busting, GPS programmed bomb [1] (see photo and diagram below) or missiles to hit Kim in a fixed or moving position.

Happy-go-Lucky Kim III is the only man allowed to be fat in skinny, starving North Korea. He is wanted in a Bad Way by lots of people by lots of means. (Photo courtesy Korean Central News Agency via Business Insider Australia)

[1] Look at the size of "Kim's cure" the GBU-57 (above) and the means of hitting Kim in one of his deep bunkers (diagram below). The GBU-57 is a Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) designed to be delivered by the B-2 bomber” and weighs in at just under 14,000 kg. (Photo and Diagram courtesy The Aviationist)

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Peter Coates said...

Speaking of US and South Korean missiles to solve Kim's Boy-God weight problems http://thediplomat.com/2017/06/us-deploys-10-long-range-air-to-ground-missiles-to-south-korea/ :

"U.S. Forces Korea (USFK) purportedly deployed over ten Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missiles (JASSM) at Kunsan Air Base, located west of Gunsan City in North Jeolla Province, around 180 kilometers south of Seoul, according to South Korean media reports.

...JASSM will be an integral part of the kill chain, next to indigenous South Korean weapons systems. As I reported last Friday, South Korea recently tested a new land-launched ballistic missile with an estimated range of 800 kilometers. The new missile, likely to be designated the Hyunmoo 2c, will be operational at the end of the year."