August 21, 2015

Submarine Cartoons and Abbott Again in Trouble

It is not often that Australian news cartoons accurately depict everyday life in a submarine. The Government of Prime Minister Abboott (above) has been suffering depth charges of its own making. This has led to a series of leaks. Even details of how to handle leaks have been leaked. (All three cartoons are coutesy of David Rowe for AFR).

Defence Minister Kevin Andrews at the periscope is also suffering from public doubts about the "Competitive Evaluation (Process)". The smiling "Cheshire Cat" is Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull who is enjoying the leaks. Turnbull wants Abbott's job. The torpedos include bumbling Treasurer Joe Hockey and Peta Credlin.

The good boat Abboott sinking. Directed by Peta Credlin (Abbott's Chief of Staff - who is the real leader of the Government). "Barnacles" are all the problems of the Government, dragging it down. The paddle of former Defence Minister, David Johnston's "canoe" has been thrown in for fun.

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