December 7, 2012

Conventional subs sinking carriers with ease

Dramatic - though a planned, intentional sinking.

See carrier vulnerability to relatively inexpensive conventional submarines

On one hand the US Navy, particularly in its air power and subs, (probably) has more naval power than all other Navies put together.

On the other hand most of the air portion is on those vulnerable carriers. Many Admirals and politicians (especially Congressmen in porkbarrel districts) love big ships - and carriers are the biggest on offer. China, the UK and India are gradually playing the same game building or renovating ever bigger carriers. So at least the extreme waste and vulnerability is afflicting these other navies.

Looks like the 1920s Washington Naval Treaty  should be revived.

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Ztev Konrad said...

Sinking with ease ?
Around 30 or so USN ships were hit by torpedo in WW2, they number that sank ? Less than 10

Modern carriers have essentially the same underwater protection against torpedoes as battleships. They have the beam to incorporate a series of compartments with alternating air/ water ( or fuel oil) to absorb as much of the blast before it affects the vital machinery compartments. the same sort of subdivision of below water compartments occurs, so that if one space is breached then it doesnt flood other spaces. Im sure the protection arrangements were tried when some of the Forrestal carriers were sunk, a live test. Likely to test cruise missiles as well for above surface compartments
" USS America will make one final and vital contribution to our national defense, this time as a live-fire test and evaluation platform. America's legacy will serve as a footprint in the design of future carriers — "