May 18, 2016

Emails (after donations) Warmy Responded To

-  things have been great guys 

-  The site is averaging more than 1,000 pageviews per day. Readers visit mainly from the US, then Australia, then from the major SSK building countries: France, Russia, Germany and Japan. There are also many visits from India, Singapore, the UK, Canada and even small countries like Trinidad & Tobago.

-  more importantly there are comments from regular commenters, showing an increasing degree of  knowledge, effort and interest.


Donations only average $1 per day 

Advertising averages $1 per day (total).

In these straightened financial circumstances there is now no facility for obtaining free advice or responses in Comments

However for a $50 per year Donation you will become a member of the Special Club of  
Submarine Commanders (a la armchair)

This will entitle your Emailed comments to be:

Included and/or responded to by Pete in the text of articles. 

Once you have made the $50 per year Donation please email me at

Three Donations have been received on May 19, 2016. I thank:
-  2 readers from Australia (from Victoria and NSW), and
-  1 reader from north of the Equator.

Trust this Aussie (ex) Gladiator - Nothing is free!



Vigilis said...

Hi Pete,

The generous quantity and evident quality of your "Submarne Matters" have been acutely obvious. This site became a regular destination for experienced submarine aficionadi who occasionally contributed items of interest, as well as some arcane reading for the curious who just Googled an odd term.

It has certainly been a delightful experience to read, inquire about, and participate in some of your commentary.

Your interest has been so keen, and Barracuda Shortfin developments as yet appear so tentative that I for one plan to check back to see if you have been tempted to untangle the facts from the politics.

Meanwhile, all the best to you, Australia, and one of the world's very best, the Royal Australian Navy.

Peter Coates said...

Thanks Vigilis

Your appreciation has helped keep me writing.

Former submariners who write websites are few.

Australian former submariners are discouraged from writing.

Your website is great.