September 26, 2018

Japanese Contractors to Help Taiwan's Submarine Project

Drawing on articles located by Anonymous on September 25, 2018, points to:

A Taiwan News articleExperts from Japanese companies Mitsubishi, Kawasaki to join Taiwan submarine project” of August 21, 2018, which states:

“Retired experts from Japan’s Mitsubishi and Kawasaki Heavy Industries [Submarine Matters categorises them as contractors who previously built Japanese submarines for MHI and KHI] will visit Taiwan" [in September 2018] "to present a report on Taiwan’s domestic submarine program, reports said [on August 21, 2018]."

"Given that other countries are no longer prepared to supply the island nation with submarines due to pressure from China, the government of [Taiwan’s] President Tsai Ing-wen has been pursuing the local manufacturing of submarines, with 2024 as the date for the first inauguration."

"However, Taiwan could still cooperate with foreign suppliers for key elements of the project, such as engine technology, the Liberty Times reported."

"Retired specialists from the two Japanese companies had been invited by CSBC Corporation, Taiwan to come over to the island in September [2018], train the necessary personnel and present a study report in October [2018]...”

A Japanese language article dated September 21, 2018. indicated the Taiwanese and Japanese governments could not confirm any assistance from “Japanese engineers” [contractors].

A Chinese language article, of August 31, 2018. [Caution - Where article translates in English to “yuan” actually means Taiwan Dollars (TWD) same as New Taiwan (NT) Dollars)] 

article indicates: Taiwan’s government has commenced an ambitious 8 year plan to build the prototype (first) Indigenous Defense Submarine (IDS) from 2019 until [2026?]. This 8 year project is to be funded by a US$1.6 billion (Taiwan Dollars TWD 49.3 billion) budget with US$245 million (TWD 7.51 billion) to be spent in the first 2019 financial year.

Taiwan’s Indigenous Defense Submarine Project has politically/legally been made possible by a US government approval. A TimesNowNews article of September 25, 2018 indicating: “Beijing, which sees self-ruling Taiwan as part of its territory awaiting unification, has been incensed by recent warming ties between Washington and Taipei, including the approval by the US State Department of a preliminary licence to sell submarine technology to the island.”


Ztev Konrad said...

This story in The Diplomat' website gives a different take on this interesting new project

"Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) in consultation with U.S. defense contractors have evaluated design proposals from six companies including two European and two U.S. companies, as well as an Indian firm and a Japanese defense contractor.
The MoD apparently selected a European defense contractor to supply the design for the conventionally powered attack submarine."

Would it make more sense to engage 'retired' European submarine specialists who know the unknown chosen design more intimately ?

Pete said...

Thanks Ztev

Is that you in the photo or one young Stalin?

Yes The Diplomat reported Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) a mixture. Some overlap with SubMatt's article of July 18, 2018 at

Yes it seems odd that Taiwan has engaged "retired" Japanese MHI and KHI contractors to work with a European design.

Although perhaps the "new" Taiwanese sub design might be an updated Damen/US designed

with the Japanese MHI and KHI contractors suggesting updates that have gone into the part Japan/US designed Harushio "teardrop" class with non-AIP Oyashio featues.




Pete said...

Hi Anonymous

Thankyou for your "Part I" and "Part II" comments of 27/9/18. Very interesting.

I'll publish them in a new article tomorrow.