August 28, 2018

Anti-Torpedo Devices

Submarines do note merely launch offensive technologies (torpedos, missiles, mines and AUVs).

Submarines, particularly in high threat environments (Mediterranean, Red and Baltic seas) utilize a number of anti-torpedo devices. 

Matthias has kindly provided the following Rafael Youtube about Rafael anti-torpedo devices:

The devices include:

-  18 seconds in, Torbuster, and

-  25 seconds in, Scutter

More details about the Torbuster and Scutter devices in the Youtube are at this part of the Rafael website

Also in the Youtube:

-  30 seconds in are details about FLOATLINK, a submarine communications buoy, and

-  36 seconds in DEEPLINK an acoustic communication network (scroll halfway down here).

These devices add higher costs to submarine functioning but protect the crew, special forces and submarine.

 Matthias and Pete

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