May 6, 2018

US Marines Soon To Embed On Australian Warship for Pacific Tour

In 2017 a US Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey and a US Navy Seahawk landed and took-off from Australian Landing Helicopter Dock (part mini-carrier) HMAS Adelaide. (Photo courtesy Royal Australian Navy)

In an Australian-US reaction to rising Chinese activity in some South Pacific islands Australian Government owned ABC News reports May 5, 2018 that: 

"American marines will soon embed on Australia's largest warship [HMAS Adelaide] for a tour of Pacific island nations, as concerns grow among western allies over Beijing's rising influence in the region.

The ABC can reveal preparations are almost complete for the Australian Defence Force's Joint Task Group mission, centred on the amphibious [Canberra class] Landing Helicopter Dock, HMAS Adelaide.

In a statement, Defence Minister Marise Payne said planning for "Indo-Pacific Endeavour 18" had been underway since late last year.

"IPE 18 is a major activity for the Australian Defence Force, and aims to promote security in our near region through a series of bilateral and multilateral engagements with our regional partners, as well as training and capacity-building activities," Senator Payne told the ABC.

The Minister said Royal Australian Navy ships HMAS Adelaide, HMAS Melbourne, HMAS Toowoomba and HMAS Success would take part "in a range of training and engagement activities in Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga, Samoa and the Solomon Islands"..."


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