April 12, 2018

Dangerous Times 2. South China Sea - US-China - Probing Short of Confrontation

The Chinese Hong Kong based South China Morning Post, April 12, 2018 reports in part.

Chinese navy stages double show of strength as US strike group drills in disputed South China Sea - 
PLA puts aircraft carrier and submarines through their paces as USS Theodore Roosevelt passes through contested waterway.

The Chinese navy began a three-day drill yesterday near its main submarine base [at Yulin, Hainan Island/Province] as another exercise finished nearby in what analysts described as a message to the United States that it was capable of defending its core interests...”


Anonymous said...

I read there are at least 6 Chinese submarines involved in the exercises off Hainan. China has launched their 2nd carrier so once it finishes its sea trial, that will free up the Liaoning to be permanently based in Hainan.
The Chinese navy is almost on parity with USN in terms of number of combatants, ~300 ships, although USN still has the edge on carriers, destroyers and SSN/SSBN.
The Roosevelt was also doing its own exercise but much further south, towards Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Here they are:


Anonymous said...

and on video


Peter Coates said...

Thanks Anonymous

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=358&v=rrrXggs3fLQ depicts a old fashioned (pre WWI style) Chinese navy review where China Boss For Life, Mr Xi, looks bored.



Anonymous said...

China flight tested their 3000km MRBM ASX-13, aka DF-21, with their H6 bombers. Similar idea to Russia flight testing their Iskander M with the MIG-31BM. Increasingly even venturing within the 2nd island chain is becoming a risky business even for USN gunboat diplomacy. It is for sure extremely risky already for any CVN within the 1st island chain (the only exception being SSGN and SSN until the Chinese get their SOSUS fully up and running). Compounding the bad news, China is flight testing a CATOBAR capable stealth J-31. Not exactly great news for folks buying the F-35 with watered down capabilities.