April 1, 2018

Russian Design and Engine Institutes - TABLES 1, 2 and 3.

Anonymous in early March 2018 kindly provided a mass of information (in table form) about Russian design and engine building research institutes. 

Blogger/Blogspot appears technically unable to accommodate large tables, so I have divided Tables 1 to 7 into 3 sections.

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Russian engine building is an important branch of machine building in Russia, one of the most high-tech industries of Russian industry. Russia is a major producer of missile, aircraft, helicopter, and automobile engines. The largest Russian company in the field of engine building is the United Engine-Building Corporation (UDK). (Same as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Engine_Corporation ?) 

Russian engine manufacturers are summarized in Tables 1-4.

Table 1 Russian engine manufacturers: united engine corporation
English Name
United Engine Corporation

The revenue of the United Engine-Building Corporation in 2014 increased by 25% and amounted to 199.97 billion rubles. The number of products produced increased by 20%: over 1,400 engines for combat and civil aviation, as well as space and "ground" programs were produced during the year.

Table 2 Russian engine manufacturers: Russian motor plants
English Name
Elabuga Motor Plant (EMZ)

The The plant for the production of automobile engines, opened in 2015. At the first stage the capacity of the motor plant will be 105 thousand engines a year, later it can be increased to 200 thousand. Thus, the plant will be able to equip its engines with about 5-10% of cars produced in Russia. October 15, 2015 in Naberezhnye Chelny at the Ford Sollers plant was released the first Ford car with a Russian engine of Elabuga production.
Zavolzhsky Motor Plant (ZMC)

Plant for the production of petrol and diesel automobile engines. It was founded in 1958. It is a part of JSC "UAZ". It is located in the city of Zavolzhe in the Nizhny Novgorod region.
PAO Star
It was founded in 1932. PJSC "ZVEZDA" is the only enterprise in Russia that develops and produces high-speed marine diesel engines with a capacity of more than 500 kW with minimal weight. They are equipped with almost all the ship's hydrofoil ships built on the shipyards of the USSR and Russia, a significant part of high-speed ships of the Navy and the Border Troops, which are successfully used not only in Russia, but also in many countries of the world.
Kolomna Plant
It was founded in 1863. OJSC Kolomensky Zavod is a developer and main producer of modern 4-stroke medium-speed engines with gas turbine supercharging and cooling of charge air of type D49 and D42 with capacity from 450 kW to 4500 kW.
Penza diesel plant (Penzadieselmash)

The leading manufacturer of diesel engines for diesel locomotives in Russia, is part of Transmash holding. It produces diesel engines and diesel generators of diesel locomotives, power stations, sea and river vessels, traction units of the mining industry.
Tutaevsky Motor Plant (TMZ)

l   The plant producing diesel engines of the V8 family (V-shaped 8-cylinder diesel engines) for mainline road trains, heavy-duty dump trucks, city buses of large and extra-large capacity, agricultural and industrial tractors, off-road specialized machinery, diesel generators, road-building, military equipment, river tugs and sports trucks "KAMAZ". Also produces gearboxes and spare parts for the engines of the YaMZ and TMZ families, diesel electric generating sets.
Ural Diesel-Engine Plant (UDMZ)
The plant in Yekaterinburg, which produces diesel engines of the DM-21 dimension, as well as diesel generators and power stations on their base with a capacity from 500 to 1700 kW. It is part of the holding company "Sinara-Transport Machines", which produces locomotives and transport vehicles.
Yaroslavl Motor Plant (YaMZ)
Yaroslavl Motor Plant (now AvtoDiesel) - was founded in 1916 in the city of Yaroslavl. Previously, the company produced trucks and buses; since 1971 is engaged in the manufacture of power units. Reliable units of the YaMZ 236/238 families are used in a variety of vehicles of various manufacturers (MAZ, OOO LiAZ, GAZ, KamAZ, UralAZ ...). Due to the bankruptcy, and later the partial demolition of the Kharkov engine plant "Sickle and Hammer", which supplied diesel engines to Russia, YaMZ started production of its own new diesel engines YaMZ 534/536 of its own design, which they did not produce before. This modernization has made it possible to significantly facilitate the work of Russian engineering companies. In particular, the Rostselmash combine plant was forced to install more powerful and expensive V-shaped engines YaMZ-238, for DON-1500 combines. After the development of its in-line engines, such a need has disappeared, as has the dependence on foreign manufacturers.

Table 3 Russian engine manufacturers: turbojet, gas turbine and rocket engines, steam and gas turbines
English Name
JSC Aviadvigatel

An enterprise in Perm, a developer of gas turbine engines for civil aviation, as well as industrial gas turbine units for power engineering, gas and oil transportation, and a supplier of gas turbine power plants. The developer of the newest Russian engine PD-14.
Voronezh Mechanical Plan
The manufacturer of liquid rocket engines in the city of Voronezh.
JSC "Klimov"
l   The company in St. Petersburg, one of the leading Russian developers of gas turbine engines. It produces engines for most Mil and Kamov helicopters, as well as jet engines for fighter aircraft.
PJSC "Kuznetsov"

The enterprise in the city of Samara is a manufacturer of liquid rocket engines, which also produces aviation turbojet and industrial gas turbine engines.
The Moscow machine-building enterprise named after V. Chernyshev

An enterprise that produces engines for light front-line fighters, training aircraft, helicopters, local air lines, light transport aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles.
Nevsky Plant
l   Manufacturer of stationary steam and gas turbines, as well as centrifugal and axial compressors and superchargers, St. Petersburg.
ODK - Gas turbines (the former Volzhsky machine-building plant)
Manufacturer of stationary gas turbines and gas pumping units, Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Region.
Omsk Engine Building Design Bureau

The developer and manufacturer of small gas turbine engines in the city of Omsk. Since 2017, NPO Saturn has been running.
Omsk Engine Building Association. P. I. Baranova
Branch of the NPC of gas turbine construction "Salyut" in the city of Omsk. It produces mainly aircraft engines - turbojets, turboprops and gas turbines.
Perm Engine Plant (UDK-Perm Motors)

The manufacturer of aircraft engines for civil and military aviation, industrial gas turbine plants for power plants and gas transportation. In particular, it produces engines for Il-76, Il-96, Tu-204, Tu-214 aircraft. At this enterprise, the serial production of the PD-14 engine and the long-range PD-35 will be carried out.
SPC of gas turbine construction "Salyut"
The company in Moscow, produces aircraft gas turbine engines, is a member of the United Engine-Building Corporation. The main activity is participation in a large-scale Russian import substitution program for helicopter and marine engines.
NGO Saturn
l   An enterprise in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Region, which produces gas turbine engines and units for military and civil aviation, power generating and gas pumping plants, ships and ships.
Ufa Engine Building Production Association (UMPO)

l   The company, which produces aircraft engines, is a part of the United Engine Corporation. Serially produces turbojet engines for Su-35S family aircraft (Article 117 C), Su-27 (AL-31F), Su-30 family (AL-31F and AL-31FP engine), Su-25 family (Р-95Ш and Р -195), units of helicopter equipment for helicopters "Ka" and "Mi."
The Fakel Design Bureau

The enterprise in Kaliningrad is one of the world's leading manufacturers of low-thrust electric and low-thrust catalytic engines for space vehicles.

NGO Energomash them. Academician VP Glushko

l   One of the world's leading manufacturers of liquid rocket engines.

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