March 15, 2018

Israel's three TKMS Dolphin 3s to be Commissioned from 2030

Israel, continues its close association with TKMS in construction of German built submarines. This is in the context of a highly rational rolling replacement program of submarine generations. Since Israeli independence Israel appears to have automatically chosen Germany's TKMS because the German Government (post Holocaust) heavily subsidizes/reduces the cost of TKMS subs to Israel. 

Also Germany is an attractive source of submarines because it, like Japan, specialises in producing advanced conventional (diesel-electric) submarines. This is without the distraction of also producing nuclear propelled submarines. 

The chief of Israel's submarine service has indicated the first of three TKMS built [Pete calls them "Dolphin 3s"] is expected to be commissioned in 2030. From the early 2030s the three Dolphin 3's will, on a rolling basis, replace the three Dolphin 1s which were commissioned in 1999–2000. Meanwhile the three Dolphin 2s will operate until approximately 2050. 

Thus Israel will maintain a rolling average of six nuclear missile armed Dolphin submarines - Israel's most valuable naval and strategic assets.

A fuller description of the (by 2030) commissioning is at an IHS Jane's article by Yaakov Lappin. 

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