March 21, 2018

Idea of Exporting Japanese Diesels for Australia's Submarines Not New

Anonymous has located a source in Japanese that confirms that Japan has considered exporting its submarine diesels for Australia's Future Submarines, for almost two years. 

This source is a Japanese Diamond economic magazine article of May 10, 2016. When translated it indicates, in part:

[Failure to win the Australian Submarine competition] " a big pain in Japan. However, there is a last chance. There is a way for Japanese manufacturers to participate in [the Australian] submarine development as a supplier.

[Japanese Admiral (retired)] Masao Kobayashi, a former Maritime Self-Defense Force's submarine corps commander, said, "The purpose of the technology transfer of submarines is to strengthen the strategic partnership between Japan and Australia. Although we lost the order in the main competition, I think I should speak."

Especially, what [Japan could export is Kawasaki] diesel engines. DCNS [now Naval Group] is planning to install six engines [in Australia's future submarine] according to local reports, but if you make use of Kawasaki Heavy Industries' technology which makes high-output engines of [submarine] "type", it is said that 2 to 4 units are sufficient..."


To back up the point that fewer Japanese Kawasaki submarine diesels are required is the Table published in Submarine Matters on March 20, 2018. 

This indicates that the maximum Mechanical output of available Western European (MTU and MAN) diesels is 1330 kW while the maximum Mechanical output for a Japanese Kawasaki diesel is 3100 kW.


Ztev Konrad said...

The interesting thing about Kawasaki Diesel is their expertise over the whole range of diesel engines.
From these interesting motorcycles adapted to run on JP-8 ( military fuel used in their diesels)

Their 4 stroke marine diesels ( licensed from MAN) the 3500 kW power range is just the start of power output

Not sure why Kawasaki dont include the submarine 12V25 type engines in their table, neither are they listed by their affiliate in Kobe, the Hanshin Diesel Works

Peter Coates said...

Hi Ztev

1. I'm much in agreement MAN (as a licenser working with KHI) and being a company already supplying diesels to Naval Group, should play a part in the export of KHI diesels for the Australian future submarine. See of January 24, 2018.

2. I suspect one of the reasons Kawasaki don't include the submarine 12V25 type engines in their table, is that Kawasaki's submarine engines are not available to all comers in an open market.

These submarine diesels can only be provided to countries (like Australia) that are nominated by the Japanese government.