March 20, 2018

Captain Schlitt's S**t Sinks Submarine

What a way to go! :)

A colorful description of German U-Boat toilet training. Captain Schlitt clearly failed to read the User Manual. 

Details of U-1206 the Type VII World War Two U-Boat concerned. 

U-1206 was of the same type as this VII U-Boat on display at the Laboe Naval Memorial near Kiel, Germany.


Ztev Konrad said...

Seems highly unlikely. Yes the earlier boats would have discharged from the head to the ocean without a holding tank ( but definitely not when you are trying to run silently) but the arrangement of levers cant have allowed a direct outlet to the sea. I understand the lever operations was tricky and could result in the compressed air 'blowing back' (as you needed compressed air to counter outside water pressure)

I looked at Google books and found 'Submarine: An anthology of firsthand accounts of the war under the sea, 1939-45'.
No need to cover every detail! but they described it thus ' Even on the surface it was necessary to manipulate 7 valves in sequence to blow the head overboard'

Peter Coates said...

Hi Ztev

Yes the otherwise well made German U-Boats had the complex toilet vulnerability.