March 30, 2018

The Origins of Easter. Even a Submarine

A very rare Easter Submarine. (Courtesy "Kouzla s čokoládou" (in Czech) or "Chocolate Spells"
 (in English ) Femina via pinterest)

Happy Easter Everyone! 

Easter, held in late March or early April each year, was at first a pagan festival celebrating Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. This includes cherry blossoms (15 seconds into this Youtube). Spring, of course, is connected with fertility, rebirth and new growth of plants and animals.

In order to smoothly convert "pagans" into Christians Christian missionaries converted pagan Spring festivals into popular resurrection of Jesus Christ.Easter festivals. 

Most Christians, agnostics (like me) and non-Christians connect Easter with the most popular practice. That is eating chocolate (mainly Easter bunnies and Easter eggs (eg. Cadbury)) that are coincidentally fertility/rebirth symbols.  

I try to limit my Easter egg intake, but happily never succeed :)


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Anonymous said...

Hi Pete

I'm a chocolate addict, but had to limit my intake a few years ago due to allergy problems, ho hum. But I've got a block of good ol' Cadbury's Diary Milk (none of that Nestle's muck for me) to eat over Easter and some sausages to fry up today... Good Friday.

That submarine would be a great torture chamber for an addict... put him in it and submerge. Will he contain himself and live, or eat the pressure hull and die?? Only God knows... ie, nobody does. But what a way to go.

Happy Easter

PS: I'm going to roast the Easter Bunny next year