November 28, 2017

Germany & Rolls-Royce Help China - Best Diesels for Submarines

Thanks Anonymous for your ongoing research. I've found it technically difficult to publish long Tables on blogger/blogspot. For that reason and to make output more topical I've divided the Submarine Propulsion Tables into three:

1.  competitors to the West. They are North Korea, China, Russia and Iran.
     :  it is assumed North Korea is using old Russian propulsion designs
     :  China is happily buying MTU 396 and MTU 4000 submarine engines and building
        MTU 4000 factories with European and UK (Rolls-Royce) help
     :  Russia seems to design and build its own diesels and motors, but, if its smart, it
        should gain inspiration from any MTU/MAN designs and hardware available
     :  Iran, with its 3 older Russian built Kilo 877s would very likely rely on Russian

2.  Western and non-aligned countries, and

3.  Australia (Collins and Future Submarine/Shortfin)

Submarine Propulsion Table 2nd Attempt: Competitors to the West
Diesel engine
Motor, AIP (if fitted)
North Korea
Golf /
1 to 3 E390ZC-1? Russian Golf class given to NK with 3 × diesels originally

MTU 16V396SE84 or MAN SEMT Pielstick
Ming class, Type 033
1 x E390ZC-1

MTU 16V396SE84 or MAN SEMT Pielstick
Song class (Type 039) & Yuan class (Type 039A or 41)
2 x MTU 20V4000M diesels are already being offered by China in its warships, eg. the P18 export version of China’s Type 056 corvette
In future Yuans may have permanent magnet motors and see
16V diesel built by Yuchai Group see sources  A and B or 12 cylinder  MAN 12PA4V200SMDS page 6likely, given China now has a MTU 4000 factory and see MTU Report
Kilo class
1 x Elektrosila motor Russian. Permanent magnet motors may be installed on new Improved Kilo 636s 
Likely to use 4 x MTU 16V396SE84
Lada/Amur class, just 1 testbed
For future Amur class permanent magnet motors are planned. AIP being developed
Kilo class

Pete and Anonymous

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Nothing in your links suggests they are building submarine engine varients. I would suggest they may be buying those direct from Germany.