October 11, 2017

October 2017 Donor Report: South Korea’s Next Submarine Class Dilemma

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October 2017 Donor Report: South Korea’s Next Submarine Class Dilemma

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Anonymous said...

Hiden motive for SSN is rivalry to Japan.

MHalblaub said...

Dear Pete,
I can’t see a reason for a South Korean SSN or even a 3,000 t submarine. South Korea needs many submarines for defense not a few like the UK.

Only reason for an SSN is to hunt SSBN. Even a North Korean SSBK would be no reason for an SSN.

Guess there is a reason why Japan has no obvious plans for an SSN.


Peter Coates said...

Hi MHalblaub

Yes the usefulness of future South Korean SSNs seem obscure.

As I suggested in the article I think South Korea has been leaking alleged SSN intentions as far back as 2004. This is to worry surrounding countries (especially China and Japan) but also the US, that South Korea is going down the nuclear road - first a submarine reactor then nuclear weapons.

South Korea's leaking objective is to ensure continuing US nuclear protection of South Korea as well as a continuing US military presence in South Korea.

More recently South Korea is happy that Trump is making hardline, but effective, statements, that the US will destroy North Korea. Also US SSNs and SSGNs are making unusually highly publicised visits to South Korea,



Tri-ring said...

Auuugh, SK doesn't have the capability nor experience to develop a portable nuke reactor and they are certainly not capable of designing a 4000t sub on their own.
They don't even have the capability of constructing a sub under license considering how poorly they constructed their present sub fleet that is/was moth balled for months and the Germans were called into solve the problem.

To be blunt they have an inferiority complex and to make things worse they don't have the industrial/man power to solve the problem, making things worse.
If you do not believe me dig deeper into their rocket project, K2 MTB power train project, NG frigate project, etc and see what you find.

Anonymous said...

An inferiority complex and no industrial power leads ROK shipbuilding to have 3 out of 5 world leading companies in terms of gross tonnage orders. 5 of the 10 best selling smartphones in the world are Koreans. Here in the US, 5 Korean cars rank among the best selling 20 cars.
There is little doubts that any one, South Koreans included, will make mistakes when you try to design and manufacture something new, but that comes with the turf when you try to push boundaries of science and technology. The ROK want to become self sufficient in defense systems, and that is a worthy goal not to depend on any strategic ally because it is only a matter of time before strategic national interests will diverge.
Sure we can debate on the how to get there, whether this or that is necessary or not, but for anything to begin, they do have a dream. they are willing to take risks and they are willing to learn, and that is already more than can be said about many others.