August 29, 2017

North Korean Missile Test Over Japan (the 3rd in 20 years)


MAP B - Path of missile over Japan. The missile was perhaps a Hwasong-12 (aka KN-17) IRBM according to some analysts (Map courtesy Agency France Press (AFP) via UK Telegraph)

North Korea's test of a missile over Japan's northern island of Hokkaido (maps above) in the last 24 hours is not the first North Korean missile test over Japanese territory. The main difference is that  North Korea is now suspected (over the last few months) of being capable of building miniaturised nuclear warheads that would fit onto missiles.

Previous missile tests over Japanese territory, include:

-  In December 2012 North Korea fired a missile over the Japanese territory of Okinawa.

-  In August 1998: North Korea fired a suspected missile over Japan and into the Pacific Ocean. 
   North Korea called the payload a satellite.

Are there other proven or suspected tests over Japan?

It is not known if North Korea gave Japanese authorities prior warning of this latest (August 2017) test?



Anonymous said...

Hi Pete

Ministry of Defense estimated that the scale of nuclear explosion test by NK on September 3 was equivalent to 70 kilo tonnes of TNT [1], which is three times bigger than those of explosion in Hiroashima/Nagsaki and six times bigger than the former exprosion test NK in last September.



Peter Coates said...

Thanks Anonymous

I have shifted your comment to because it was on the September 3, 2017 nuclear test.