November 23, 2016

Two Articles 1. Kuznetsov, 2. Nuclear South Korea, Will be Done

Great footage of Kuznetsov carrier operations.

Submarine Matters aims to do 2 articles once a wide range of regional Trump Won briefings to Government have ended. Submarine Matters articles will include.

1. Implications of Russian Carrier Kuznetsov Airstrikes on Islamists in Syria, and

2. mainly South Korea Developing Nuclear Weapons and Propulsion (Japan?)




MHalblaub said...

Dear Pete,

the video shows no take off or landing on the Russian carrier with a weapons load?
So what's the use off such operations?
The bombs are clearly visible here
The first F/A-18 is a tanker aircraft with 3 big tanks,
the second aircraft is also a tanker with some missiles and some pods.
The first bombs are visible after Grumman E-2 Hawkeye take off (little AWACS).
Also strange is the amount of people working on the US carrier flight deck and on a Russian one.

Carrier operations are nonsense in case you have an airfield nearby. The Russian aircraft can not take off fully loaded due to the missing catapult.

Nice video to show the Russians at home a Russian Top Gun feeling but the cool music is missing.


Peter Coates said...

Looks like the "Trump Policy" (on North and South Korea) may be being shifted in a responsible direction already - that is MAYBE


Peter Coates said...

Hi MHalblaub

Thanks for your details and views. I'll use them in a Kuztnetsov Submarine Matters (can be be viewed by all) article tomorrow.

I am reverting to my ONLY 2ND WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH Donor Report pledge from now.

I think doing more than one Donor report per month, denies a wider audience the opportunity to discuss issues.


Anonymous said...

Strategies are always multi dimensional, political, military and economics. Unfortunately, US strategies in Asia are going to be handicapped from the get go under President Trump. Since he swears to kill off the TPP on his 1st day in the Oval office, the economic dimension will be lost. TPP is the backbone of the US pivot to Asia. In my view, it is hard to see a winning US military strategy in Asia if and when China succeeds to establish a new regional economic order through its RCEP given the black hole that was the TPP. One can clearly see this at the APEC conference in Lima.
General Flynn may say we are going to get tough with a belligerent NK but outside of tough words for public consumption, I do not see a viable containment of NK given there is always China on the other side of the river in all scenarios (even back then in 1952 and that was before China became a nuclear power).

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete

SK does notl equip with SSN, beecause 4 countries (NK, China, Russia, Japan) in Six-party talks [1] will disagree. In fact, S Korean researcher also disagree [2]. I do not whether Mr.Trump support it or not.

Currently, THAAD deployment in SK makes China furious, and China refuses SK actors [3]. President Park is in a huge polical scandal.

The six-party talks aim to find a peaceful resolution to the security concerns as a result of the North Korean nuclear weapons program. There has been a series of meetings with six participating states: SK, NK, China, Russia, USA, Japan.

Mr. Kim, ex-SK Navy offial, a researcher of Fareast Research Insitute, Gyeongnam National University told Sputniknwes "The statement on the deployment of nuclear submarines as a response to the launching of a NK SLBM is extremely irresponsible and it is the first indication for security in the direction of security."

[3] (JPN)


Anonymous said...

THAAD ABM kinetic performance is about on par with the S-300v4 9M82M or the S-400 48N6E3 (not in the same class as the humongous 40N6). The fuss with THAAD in SK is always with its radar in FBM mode which can see 2-3 thousands of km into China. Even though THAAD deployment is supposed to be in the shorter range TM mode, one can switch to FBM mode since it is just SW.
President Park is in a precarious position and I would not be surprised at all if there will be a presidential election in SK in very early 2017.

Anonymous said...

[From North or South KOREA. Questions translated.]

In regards to LIBs in submarines:

- I have never seen details about LIBs cooling systems.

- So, I'm wondering how the cooling system for LIBs works in submarines?

Noting Lead-acid Batteries use a water cooled system. Even though LIBs's heat loads are smaller than Lead-acid Batteries, LIBs have a Heat load "during" full-load use [?]

If you know LIB heat load cooling methods please help me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete

Water cooling systme is never applied for LIBs. Natural or forced ventilation system for cooling is applied instead. Also, ventilation system for explosive gases and flammable vapours possibly generated at emergency such as over-charging shoud be equipped for each battery section.

According to Japanese Industrial Standards for electrical installations in ships-electric energy storage equipment using LIBs, Lithium battery sytem should be installed at place to prevent from damage by water, vapour, oil and so on and it should be safely operated in ambient tempature 0 C degree - 45 C degree. In the case of multistaged arrangement of two or more housings for batteries, space over 50mm should be set in front and behind of these housings, except using ventilation equipment which is forced cooling sytem by using ventilator. In the design of battery system, consideration into reduction of safety at low temperature is needed, because at lower temperature charging than standard condition (10 C degree - 45 C degree), the possible deposition of lithium on cathode which may induce thermal runaway occurs.


Peter Coates said...

Hi KQN [at 22/11/16 7:30 PM]


I suspect Trump (and Hillary) proposed scrapping TPP ( ) policies as part of their electoral agendas.

Trump is likely to gradually create a multilateral, Asia-Pacific trade body, which does not carry the discredited TPP label, but serves some of the same purposes with similar benefits to the US's strategic position in Asia.


Yes I agree latest US posturing on North Korea will be as ineffectual as US posturing on NK for decades. China is NK's protector just as the US is South Korea's (ROK's).

It is significant that when the US removed its protection of ROK in 1949 ( ) the NK invasion quickly followed. US removal of protection in 2017 may also be exploited by NK through invasion or nuclear destruction of ROK - not in US interests at all.


Peter Coates said...

Hi S [at 25/11/16 2:42 PM]

I agree it is unlikely that South Korea (ROK) would develop SSNs within 10 years. In addition to Six-Party opposition, reasons include:

1. preference for a nuclear free Korean Peninsuala. Which means the ROK promises NOT to build a nuclear capability if NK dismantles its nuclear capability

2. nuclear propelled subs and ships are prohibitively expensive (too expensive) for middle powers, like ROK.

3. Without a massive defence budget (like Cold War US's or the USSR) rapid SSN (or SSBN) building would take a middle power (like ROK) at least 10 years to develop a nuclear powered submarine. This is noting even a great power like India took two or three decades to develop its INS Arihant test nuclear submarine .