November 4, 2016

Report to Congress on the Virginia class Program Nov 3, 2016

Mighty interesting report via:



MHalblaub said...

Dear Pete,

compared to the Type 200 the Indonesian submarine looks somehow strange. Just like someone glued together a plastic model of different scales.

The Type 200 has its periscopes not at the sail so they won't disturb the small room within in the tiny bridge. To lift the periscopes some kind of space is required no matter what type it is. The Type 200 has nearly no sail at all.

Due to the small sail the horizontal rudder of the Type 200 is moved away from the sail.

Where does the door right before the sail leads to?

There is a big vertical tube right inside the berth in front of the sail? Maybe for divers but rather small. The Type 200 solution looks like a bigger chamber to accommodate diver and equipment.

The engine looks far to big compared with a Type 212/214 submarine and far to few space for batteries.

The model shows some kind of thruster at the bow and some free rotating thruster at the stern.

The model shows a concept but I doubt that a real submarine will look like this.


Peter Coates said...

Hi MHalblaub

I've taken the liberty of shifting your comment above to the correct place - which is