January 24, 2016

South Korea’s Hidden Strategic Value for US in Afghanistan

Submarine cables and thick landline cables are of great (and unsung) value to America's dispersed military functioning - see:



Anonymous said...

I wonder why would US DoD runs a 622Mbps optical link across China. Even with long range optics, you will need plenty of repeaters for the PLA to listen in (if the network diagram is correct)?
Truth is you cannot run a private fiber link across China unless it is owned by China Telecom. Besides 622Mbps is to low for a trunk which is always in the 40G or 100G. Could it be that US DoD is leasing 622Mbps from a Korean provider like KT or SK, which is then conceivably routed as a lambda (wavelength) over a China Telecom fiber network. That is very strange given the sensitive information that is carried.

Peter Coates said...


I don't know enough about landlines in east Asia to positively respond.