May 4, 2015

Defence Minister Kevin Andrews Apr 24, 2015 Visit to DCNS Cherbourg

The SSBN Le Terrible under construction at DCNS Cherbourg submarine yard before its launch in 2008. Note the "H" plane rudder arrangement (more obvious here).
Artist's conception of a Barracuda SSN (Courtesy of naval-technology (nt)). The first Barracuda Suffren is expected to be launched in 2017. It has X plane rudders typical of many SSKs and SSNs. I have not seen any photo of a Barracuda under construction. Can anyone help?

Submarine Matters has covered Soryu and German TKMS submarine issues much more than issues  concerning France's DCNS. Little is known about what future submarine DCNS is offering to Australian future submarine selectors.  The French submarine might be called "conventional Barracuda SSK" or "SMX Ocean" both presumably weighing the same as the Barracuda SSN - 4,700 tonnes (surfaced). Or perhaps DCNS is offering an enlarged Scorpene of 4,000 tonnes (submerged) - hence "Scorpene-4000". The following is a NewswireToday report of April 24, 2015 :

"DCNS Welcomes Australian Defence Minister to Cherbourg Shipyards"

“Cherbourg, Manche, France, 2015/04/24 - , Hervé Guillou, chairman and chief executive of DCNS Group, welcomed the Australian Minister for Defence, Hon. Kevin Andrews MP, to the company’s shipyards in Cherbourg, France.The Minister was given a tour of DCNS’ shipyard and explanation was given to him on the overall SSN / SSK capability and expertise of the site.

Cherbourg is the industrial base for DCNS and the heart of the company’s submarine capability. The city’s port has a long military history and has specialised in the construction of submarines since the late 19th century. From this date, 107 submarines have been built in Cherbourg, including 16 nuclear powered submarines. Currently, four Barracuda SSN are under construction in the shipyard. The first of class will be delivered to the French Navy in 2017.

DCNS has established a subsidiary company, DCNS Australia, in order to support its business operations in Australia.

“DCNS, in cooperation with the French Government, is supporting the Australian Government’s Competitive Evaluation Process for the Future Submarine program,” Mr Guillou said. “In coming months, DCNS will provide a total solution that meets all of the Royal Australian Navy’s needs”."

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Media Release: Minister for Defence – Ministerial visit to France – 24 April 2015



Imacca said...

The photo on this post shows the stern planes and rudders. I thought the Barracuda (and the SSK version proposed as Ocean SMX) has a X arrangement of planes aft??

Peter Coates said...

Thanks Imacca

I initially thought the planes were a temporary fix - in the build phase. But you are right.

I relied on incorrect France-Metallurgie caption:
No actual photos of a Barracuda appear to be available?

This 2nd photo, with the "H" planes, is Le Terrible SSBN - planes at the rear

I have redone the images accordingly.



Anonymous said...

The first Barracuda runs 2 years late and it will not be delivered until 2017 based on an article in the French magazine "Mer et Marine"

Peter Coates said...

Thanks Anonymous

For the confirmation that launch of the Barracuda Suffren will be 2017. In English "Commission" implies the year that it is operational - which may be 2020.

Here is a better source on the Barracuda .

DefenseIndustryDaily is free and summarised unlike subscription "Mer et Marine".