October 30, 2014

France's (part concept) SMX Ocean SSK at Euronaval 2014

The SMX Ocean exhibit at EURONAVAL 2014 (27-31 October 2014)

DCNS unveiled the SMX Ocean conventionally powered attack submarine. The new vessel draws on the design of the Barrracuda SSN, with a number of innovations.

The way DCNS explained the SMX at EURONAVAL 2014 as a submarine with a long rapid transit capability, long endurance and large warload, appears to be tailored to Australia's needs. DCNS clearly wants to be seen as a serious contender for Australia's SEA 1000 large SSK selection (against  Japan's Soryu and Germany's TKMS 216). The DCNS claim that the SMX is just a conventional (SSK) version of the not yet completed Barracuda SSN is, of course, at variance to my comments that they are distinctly different submarines.

DCNS SMX Ocean showcased at EURONAVAL 2014

DCNS SMX Ocean  showcaised at EURONAVAL 2014

DCNS SMX Ocean showcased at EURONAVAL 2014  

For more detailed analysis of the DCNS SMX Ocean, see my http://gentleseas.blogspot.de/2014/10/revised-frances-dcns-announces-smx.html . 


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