May 5, 2014

Stevie Nicks, some major songs, still kicking, singing, writing.

Stephanie Lynn "Stevie" Nicks (born 1948) still going. Photo circa 1976. During her time in Fleetwood Mac  and in her extensive solo career Stevie sold more than 100 million albums. She's probably written hundreds of songs, including the following three: Rhiannon, Dreams, and Landslide. Landslide is particularly haunting and loving. She's still writing songs, singing and reportedly completing a new solo album later this year or in 2015. A true artist. 

Stevie interviewed at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, 1978. All the styles of the 70s, the cars and clothes - somewhere between hip and humdrum. Only the Fleetwood Mac jet looks modern. I lived in Texas for a couple of years in the mid 70s.


Rhiannon (above) and Dreams (below) sung around 1977

Stevie still has charisma, Landslide, 1997.


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